Deano has been snow skiing every week of every ski season since 1961.  He was a Junior Ski Patrol at the Snoqualmie Mountaineers Lodge for several years and began learning ski acrobatics and ski ballet.  He joined the PSIA and became an Associate Ski Instructor and Free Style Instructor at Mount Pilchuck for a number of years.  He was so good with children that he had a special clown suit made to go over his ski clothes.  During that time he developed a number of fun activities, games, and ski maneuvers that were quite popular with his students, and he continued to embellish and add to his repertoire.   After Pilchuck closed he taught at Hyak for a year.  Since then he has skied at many different ski resorts, although his primary ski area is Stevens Pass.

This means that if you would like to have an unusual and memorable party and you like the snow, consider having a Deano the Clown ski party.  Deano can entertain any ability level on skis.  When you call, describe the age and ability level of the participants, and Deano will customize snow activities specifically for your group, for a couple hours to an entire day.