Starting in 1958 and continuing into the ’70’s Deano attended summer camps.  One of his favorite part of camp was the camp fires.  He was a camper for nine years and a staff person for five years, and during this time he kept track of the various campfire activities that he watched and participated in.  In time, his list of skits, stories, songs, audience participation games, pranks, improvs and theater sports, poetry, and goofy surprises grew so large that he became able to lead numerous campfires consecutively without repeating anything from one to the next.  His years of experience as a summer camp counselor, music director, stage manager, theatre instructor, improve artist, skit writer, and performing as a clown have molded him into a superb master of ceremonies for any campfire.

  • skits
  • songs
  • stories
  • games
  • improvs
  • surprises