1. Read each character description.
  2. Select which works best for your situation.
  3. Prices accompany each character description.
  4. Call or email to schedule an appearance.

Deano the Clown
While Deano generally performs on weekends, he can also come on weekdays if scheduled in advance.
Deano offers versatile programs appropriate for any group, any age, and any ability level.
Deano the Clown comes self-contained, in full make-up, ready for anything.
Deano the Clown is by far the most popular character.

  • Birthday Parties
  • Private Parties
  • Corporate Events
  • Company Picnics
  • Conventions
  • Banquets
  • Carnivals
  • Stage Shows
  • Reunions
  • Retreats
  • Holiday Celebrations
  • Special Events
  • Children’s Entertainment
  • Grand Openings
  • Open Houses

Optional Characters
Other characters are available out of make-up at a lower cost, usually on week-days.


Funny Man is popular for day care centers, schools, short appearances, office visits, stage shows, preschoolers, street performances, and most weekday events.  The Funny Man wears a rubber nose, a hat, colorful clothes and mis-matched shoes and is a funny, surprising, involving European-style clown: he is definitely not a normal person.

Jester wears a jester hood, tassels, and curled up jester shoes.  The Jester is prancing, skilled & witty.

Mime wears black clothes with white gloves and white shoes, and has a white face with black lips and eyebrows.  The Mime does set pieces, improvisations, and mimicry.

Stilt Walker is 10′ tall with 6′-long arms, and is definitely an attention-getter, particularly for grand openings, open houses, carnivals, and other big events.  The stilt walker can be with or without make-up, depending on the day and the price.



High unicycle rider (parades, mall openings, ball games, gala events)

Skydiver (solo or with additional skydivers)

Magician (stage magic, audience participation)

Comedy Swimming (reminiscent of the Seattle Aqua Follies)

Games Leader (choreographed sequences of new games)

Story Teller (fascinating and captivating for all ages)

Balloon Twister (symmetrical, artistic & unique shapes)

Face Painter (hand-painted with water-base paints)

Song Leader (large repertoire of folk songs)

Fiddler (square dances, musical gatherings, campfires)

Campfire Leader (years of experience as a summer camp counselor, music director, theatre instructor, skit writer, and leading campfires)

Acrobatic Snow Skiing (snow parties, ski birthdays)

Publicity Kite Flying (festivals, promo advertising)


Classes, workshops (clowning skills)

Private lessons (customized to individual needs)

Public Speaker (long list of topics: informative, entertaining, inspiring)