If you have never seen Deano the Clown before, you should know that he is silly, genuine, and not very smart because he always needs the kids to help him.

For a very full two-hour party, Deano arrives on a unicycle and starts off by memorizing everyone’s names; knowing who everyone is makes the party much more personal. Everyone sits to watch a half-hour to forty-five-minute-long show, during which Deano looks through all his pockets full of silly gags and gimmicks, juggles balls, rings and pins, does magic, puppets, balancing, pratt falls, improvisationaltheater, music, and lots of audience participation.

After sitting, the group is ready for action. Everybody has a specialty, and Deano’s is games. Deano knows over 600 non-competitive games, and has been involved in numerous “New Games” trainings. Weather usually determines whether the games are indoors or outdoors. Even on rainy days in crowded spaces Deano can keep everybody busy for hours.

After the group has exerted a good portion of energy, it is relaxing to sit and hear stories. A member of the Seattle Story Tellers Guild, Deano knows hundreds of folk tales, fairy tales, myths and legends, and has made up several stories of his own. The birthday person is always the hero of the story. Deano collects unusual stories and tells different stories each visit.

At last it’s time for presents. Deano makes sure everyone can see, everyone gets thanked, the place is kept clean, and he keeps a record of all the gifts. When it’s time to eat, Deano helps get everything organized, and while everyone is busy eating, Deano is busy telling jokes and being silly. For small groups he twists balloons during the eating. His large repertoire of symmetrical and creative sculptures invariably receive compliments. Each person gets something unique, and if time permits, the birthday person receives a big fancy sculpture as well.

When it’s time to leave, Deano has a problem: he can’t leave. This is everyone’s favorite part. Deano is so clumsy that he crashes his unicycle into the trees, the bushes, the walls and the garbage can. He gives the children rides on the unicycle, which is a good opportunity for photos. Then Deano gives everyone a hug goodbye and crashes his way off into the sunset.

For normal to large groups Deano saves twisting balloons until the very end, after the unicycle, so that the children can then go straight home without popping their balloons. Balloons generally add an extra half hour to the party. Figure a couple minutes per balloon times how many children are present. Count on a two-and-a-half to three-hour party for everyone to get balloons. In addition, for longer parties Deano pulls out his parachute.  Of all the people doing Seattle clown entertainment, Deano knows more games than anyone and has actually written a book containing a hundred parachute games.


1/2 hour: brief show

1 hour: show & unicycle

1-1/2 hours: show, some games, a story, unicycle

2 hours: show, games, stories, presents, cake, balloons, unicycle

2-1/2 hours: show, games, stories, presents, cake, varied balloon sculptures, unicycle

3 hours: show, lots of games, parachute activities, longer stories, presents, cake, balloons, unicycle



BASIC PRICE: $200 for 1st hour, $100/hour thereafter.

$150 for 30-40 minutes

$200 for one hour (45-80 minutes)

$250 for an hour and a half (90minutes)

$300 for two hours — most popular

$350 for three hours — second most popular

Standard show times:

Saturdays 11:00-1:00, 1:30-3:30, 4:00-6:00, 7:00-9:00
Sundays 12:30-2:30, 3:30-5:30

Schedule an appearance:
(206) 324-5055


Deano does your entire party for you.

Sample video from a party: