Deano is one of the few clowns in the area who is set up for large groups such as company picnics, church picnics, family reunions, class reunions, wedding receptions, etc. His activities are broken down roughly into half-hour segments. TOYS

A typical format would be to start by setting toys around the area, such as tumblers, air logs and other inflatables, parachutes, jump ropes, horseshoes, nerf balls, discs, human rubber bands, miscellaneous toys, and combats for the teen agers. For the toddlers he has soft toys, small parachutes, a tipi, and sometimes a baby race course.

When the majority of people are present, Deano performs a 30-45 minute slapstick show, including juggling, silly magic, unicycles, and lots of audience participation.

Following the show we play parachute games and family games. After the adults get tired, we play children’s games, relays, team games and hiding games. Deano knows over twenty different races with gunny sacks, for adults and children together. Sometimes Deano will set up an obstacle course. Deano coordinates a series of games with the 6′ cageball, which requires the entire group’s participation. Afterwards, if the adults still have energy, there is volleyball with the cageball for the adults only. The “net” is a rope laid on the ground, and it takes the entire team to get the ball over the rope. The picnic usually ends with a giant tug-of-war, after which everyone is ready either to sit down or go home.

If it is raining, Deano has shelter activities such as theater sport improv games, folksongs, tongue-twisters, stories, balloons, face painting, nosebag skits, mime, games for small spaces, and sometimes a talent show.



$250 for the first hour
$100/hour after first hour
Three-hour minimum for picnics (3 hr. min.)

Standard show times:
Saturdays: 11:00-2:00, 3:00-6:00, or all day
Sundays: more flexible


Deano's Cage Ball
Deano’s Cage Ball