Standard Stage Show

When performing on stage with a sound system he uses a wireless head microphone.  Deano has a number of standard stage shows that use everyday props, such as ladders, brooms, garbage cans, chairs, blankets, parachutes, cardboard boxes, juggling props, and unicycles.  All his shows involve the audience, and often he is able to get all the children to help him in one way or another.  His entire show is an on-going conversation with the audience that totally engages everyone.  Everything he touches turns into a mistake or a problem, but eventually things always work out in the end.


Deano the Clown Stage Productions

The Chair


The Neck-Tie

Stretching Things a Bit

Let Me In!

Picnic in the Park


Deano Reinvents the Wheel

Boxed In

Oh, Chute!

Deano in the Haunted House



Visits the Library

Mopping Up

Deano in the Flower Shop

Deano and the Magic Trunk

The Tipsy Staircase


Each of the above titles represents a one-hour choreographed stage show, complete with music, plot, props and plops.



Stage Shows: $200-$1200 for a themed stage show
Sound requirements: direct “in” for wireless head microphone
(Call for discounts or budget performances)

Unusual Events: $400-$500 for a single hour
Examples of ususual events:
– big holidays: Christmas, Easter, Halloween, July 4, New Year’s Eve
– exceptionally large groups
– starting time is after 9:00 pm
– stage shows involving other actors
– customized activities