“WhoDeanie?” has been performing magic every year since 1959.¬†Over this period of time, he has performed for countless birthday parties, Cub Scout Blue & Gold Dinners, church groups, banquets, carnivals, and school assemblies.¬†Each show is packed full of humor and audience participation.




The show is generally 45 minutes long, but can be shortened or lengthened depending on the energy level and attention span of the group.

Please allow at least 45 minutes for advance set-up, and another 45 minutes for time to pack up afterwards.

Since “WhoDeanie?” is Deano the Clown on weekends, if your show is on a weekend you might consider combining your magic show with a Deano the Clown party, or simply have Deano the Clown as the magician.



$250.00 for a 45-minute show

$300.00 for a 45-minute show plus a half an hour of balloons