Who Is Deano the Clown?

off-the-wall goofy

Deano the Clown is a gentle, fun-loving, versatile, skilled, talented, silly children’s birthday clown who appeals to all ages.  He is happy, friendly, patient, and loves children.  “Versatile” is probably the best word to describe his range of abilities. Able to work with any age and number of people, Deano’s comfortable, easy-going off-the-wall style entices into a playful mood even those people who did not think they were going to participate. Deano adjusts the pace and the difficulty to match the ability level of the group. He is particularly adept with people with handicaps and disabilities, with problem children, with mixed ages, with large groups, and with wild kids. He clearly loves people and enjoys playing.

Deano started performing magic professionally in 1958 and clowning in 1973, and has performed in the greater Seattle area at a great number of birthday parties, picnics, fairs, carnivals, festivals, banquets, company events, auctions, parades, schools, churches, civic clubs, resorts, golf and country clubs, libraries, retreats, has been on both radio and television, and has been written up in the newspapers many times. He was awarded the “Golden Bootie Award” by Seattle’s Child and Eastside Parent, was chosen by the Seattle Center to be the official “Whirly the Clown” for many years, and at Bumbershoot he has created a totally original show every year since 1975. For several consecutive years he choreographed a series of uniquely original stage productions at the Museum of History and Industry, and performed in the Opera House for Tickle Tune Typhoon’s 20th anniversary show. Take a look at the full-page article in the PI in 1975, and the feature article in the February 15, 1999 edition of the Seattle Post Intelligencer celebrating Deano’s 25th anniversary.

Out of all these interests, that which distinguishes Deano from other Seattle party entertainers is his knowledge of games. From his still continuing research, he has been collecting games of two specific types: games that cost no money and games where no one loses. Currently Deano has a list of over 600 games which could be divided into the following categories: cooperative games, where everyone must work (play) together to accomplish the goal; creative play, where the imagination is the source of fun; soft war, where people can release aggressions without hurting each other; and relays, where the teams are arbitrary and changing so it really doesn’t matter which side wins. Although these games can be played any time there is a gathering of two or more people, Deano is a master at coordinating play sessions with large groups of people. One can’t help but loosen up a little and have fun when Deano the Clown is around.


Deano the Clown

Golden Bootie Award Winner