Deano the Clown wins the coveted “Golden Bootie” Award by the Seattle’s Child publications.

“Deano the Clown” was on the NE Reader Board at the Seattle Center for an entire month.

Deano the Clown selected to be the official “Whirly the Clown” at Whirligig at the Seattle Center.

Deano the Clown performs a series of one-hour choreographed productions on the MOHI stage.

Deano the Clown performs on stage at Wolftrap in New York with Tickle Tune Typhoon.

Deano the Clown performs solo on stage at the Seattle Opera House.

Deano the Clown appears with ventriloquist Shari Lewis on KING TV.

Deano the Clown is featured on the back page of an issue of Parachutist magazine.

Deano the Clown appears on three different cable TV channels.

Deano the Clown recognized for 40 consecutive years of performing.

Deano the Clown and Dee Dee Rainbow are proclaimed as the official Madrona Mayfair Parade Leaders for 30 consecutive years.

Deano the Clown and Dee Dee Rainbow

Dee Dee Rainbow with Deano


Newspaper Articles

“Deano’s No Bozo” article by Steve Waine in a 1993 issue of Planet Northwest.

“Send in the Clown” article by Steve Larsen, Seattle Post Intelligencer photographer, February 16, 1999

“Inside Clowning” A clown’s story: an interview with Dino The Clown, by Diane Gilman, “In Context” Spring 1986

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