Customer Comments about Deano the Clown

“I have never seen so many laughs in one hour.”

“Deano is like the Pied Piper. The children follow him everywhere.”

“Deano is the Mr. Rogers of clowns.”

“Deano the Clown has become a household word around our neighborhood.”

“I have never seen my son laugh so hard in his life! He was rolling on the floor in stitches!”

“…and we couldn’t believe it when Deano fell off the cliff!”

“Deano has the rare talent of being able to connect with kids instantly.”

“This was the best party we’ve ever had.”

“Once you’ve had a Deano party, there’s no comparison.”

“The children fell in love with Deano so much that they cried when he had to go.”

“Deano is silly, Daddy, he is so silly!”

“Deano is the funniest clown I’ve ever seen!”

“Deano was so professional that he never once broke character.”

“What impressed us parents the most was how Deano could take such a wild bunch of children as this and have them in the palm of his hand for so long.”

“Deano is incredibly patient.”

“Even though this was a children’s party, I think the adults had just as much fun.”

(Mother to 3-year-old) “Why did you put Deano in the closet?” (3-year-old reply) “I’m going to take him out and play with him after everyone goes home.”

(Participant at an adult party) “When I came here I didn’t know anyone, and now I feel as if we have all been friends for years.”

“Deano is more than a clown: he is a lover of life.”

“You were a total HIT! All the children loved you to bits & bits! Thanks again for EVERYTHING!!! This is a memory that will tickle us forever & ever. We will have lasting images of you zooming into the bush at the end of the road. We might see you in the future at one of your public gigs! You are awesome!! YOU truly are the MOST AMAZING CLOWN to date!!! I love clowns just as much as the kids do! (Takes one to know one, EH?) If you ever do any workshops for adults, email me. I’d love to sign up!”

“You did a party on 3/13/04 for my daughter Kristina’s 5th birthday, and I just wanted to say thanks, one more time. It was better than I could have hoped. From a father to a clown, I just have to say, “Wow.” Man to Man, I want to say that the work you do has value that can not be measured in dollars and cents. You have given my daughter something that I would never be able to give her. I feel like I owe you one. In fact, if I ever can be of help in some way, please let me know.”

“Just wanted to say thank you again. Chloe had such a great time at her birthday party, and we had so many parents tell us how terrific you were! Thanks so much.”

“A belated but heartfelt note to thank you for an unexpected act of kindness. A few weekends ago on Queen Anne, you took time out after a performance and before the delivery of a piano to convince my son Noah that clowns are not scary. I was impressed that you were able to overcome his fear so quickly and effectively. I was more impressed that you took the time to do it.”

“I really want to thank you for helping me with my fears of clowns. I guess sometimes when you are scared of something, you have to face your fears to get over them. I didn’t want to be scared of clowns my whole life. That would be silly. Thanks again!” – Dianna, age 21

“Deano, everything you do is original new and total!!!!!!”

“Deano, your show was awesome! My name is Amy and I’m in charge of next year’s program. They told me ‘Get his card and don’t book anyone else!'”

“I am the elementary school principal that you entertained in May. Thank you for a memorable 50th bday celebration. WOW! You are obviously a skilled multi-tasking entertainer, but your violin talent was most impressive to me. I was even more impressed with your willingness to adapt from a small venue to a whole school experience seemingly without hesitation. That is a true art. My staff and the young man in the wheel chair were especially touched that you included him in your show. Even adults who don’t like mimes (silly people) were won over when you, on your unicycle, expertly wheeled the child around the gym with nary a bat of an eye. Thank you.”

“Hi Deano, Just thought I’d let you know Rachel’s birthday was so fun and it was all because of you! All the girls told Rachel on Monday at school it was the best birthday party they’d ever been to. Thank you for your awesome show and for all you did!”

“Thanks so much for doing the party. Sven was still talking about being Beano the clown last night. He told me clowns are people – they’re not puppets! That’s good to know. (BTW – our Exec Admin here says she hired you for her son’s 3rd birthday. Her boy is now 20 years old!)”

“Hi clown Deano, I would like to thank you to come over to my house last november 22nd. So you could celebrate my birthday-party with me and my friends. My friends and I had a lot of fun. We laughed a lot, played funny games, listened quietly to your story and made balloons ourselves. Thank you very much and hopefully I see you another time!”

“Deano, thank you so much for celebrating Strawberry’s birthday with us. The kids and parents loved you.”

“Deano, Thank you so much for coming and doing Samuel’s 5th birthday party! You did a wonderful job (as usual), and I am always glad for how you keep it orderly and in line! Sometimes I think the adults need it as much as the kids!”

“Deano, you came to my son’s 3rd birthday party years ago and he still talks about you.”

“What impresses me about Deano is that he has dedicated himself to clowning as a life-long profession. He is totally committed to portraying the positive, whimsical side of life in a light-hearted manner. He depicts funny moments of life as reflections of the viewers, making us all laugh ultimately at ourselves.”

“Deano, you are truly a real clown because you are always on. You never miss a beat — every moment you turn whatever is happening into something ridiculous.”

“Thank you again. The kids loved you – my daughter Rose won’t stop talking about you! We’ll give you a call next year.”

“Hi, Deano. We wanted to thank you very much for making Sarah’s birthday party on Saturday a smash! We had the best time because of you. It was the easiest birthday party ever. You are pure magic…. especially riding off on your unicycle. We will look forward to seeing you again.”

“My daughter was a guest at Sarah’s birthday party today and I just wanted to thank you for a delightful afternoon. Rylie is still talking about you and was so excited to show her Dad your card, because ‘Deano gave it to me and it has the funny picture of him in the garbage!’ Your performance was very fun and it was so neat to see how the children (and adults) were totally engaged! Again, thank you very much!”

“Deano, I want to thank you for such a great performance for my daughter’s birthday. We will definitely use you for future parties to come.”

“Dear Deano, Thank you again for making Makayla’s 6th birthday so fun and memorable. She and the other children had a wonderful time and talked about all of the funny things you did for days afterward. You surpassed all of our expectations. We all had a great time!”

“Hi, Deano. I came to a kids party where you performed and was amazed at how you had the kids so entertained, even my shy daughter!”

“Diane and I thought is was a great show, and, obviously, all the kids had a great time – you sure held their attention and they weren’t shy about participating.”

“Dear Deano the Clown, I was on Whidbey Island two weeks ago attending a family wedding & we spent one morning exploring the Island County Fair. I have two daughters, aged almost 5 and 2 1/2 years old, so after pony rides, stops at the petting area and animal barns and getting separated from our older cousins, we discovered them (ages 10, 13 & 15) enjoying your show! My oldest, Hana, was so excited to join in the fun–it was hard to divide my time b/n watching you perform and laughing at Hana’s uncontrollable giggling! The best part…when I was a kid, you used to come tune our pianos when we lived out in Hobart, and I saw you clown a few times as well! I’m so happy to see that you’re still going strong and very pleased that my children were able to experience your joyful clowning antics just as I did!”

“Deano, you came to several of my birthday parties as a child (in the late 70’s, early 80’s) and I wanted to thank you for the lasting and positive impression you gave me.”

“I just wanted to extend my deepest appreciation for your services yesterday. The children had a blast and the whole show was very entertaining and fun. I look forward to working with you in the future and tons of referrals. Again thank you very much.”

“Deano, thank you so much for your afternoon of entertainment at my husband’s “6th” (60th) birthday party. You were the perfect one for it. We were just watching the video of trying to get him on your unicycle… and we are still laughing. My highlight was having you play our old favorite folkdance tunes, and telling a story. The juggling and games were fun, and everyone wore their balloon hats to dinner that evening. It’s amazing how energetic and nimble you remain, after 40 years. Thanks again and hope to see you entertain again, perhaps at the Ballard Seafood Fest or other events.”

“You performed 30 years ago for my birthday party and now I would love to have you at my own daughter’s birthday. It was such a magical birthday for me that I couldn’t wait to share it with her too!” After Deano replied with a ‘yes,’ her response was: “Yeah! I can’t tell you how excited that makes me!!!!!!! It’s something I’ve truly thought about for 30 years. I couldn’t wait to have a daughter have an amazing party like I had when I was her age. :)”

“Hi, Deano. Well, once again you have delighted my kids and made their birthday party a day to remember. I thank you for your kindness and appreciate the time you spend with my family. Thank you again and I hope to see you soon.” – Karen

“Thank you so much for doing Audrey’s party. You have a wonderful way with children (what a gift!) and they all had so much fun! You can really captivate them and make them laugh. You are so silly! Thanks again!!!” – Alicia (mother) “Thank you for coming to Audrey’s party. I liked the part where you tried to sit on us and we run away and you can’t catch us!!” – Haley (sister), age 5 “I love you Deano! I liked the unicycle the best! Thanks for doing my party!” – Audrey (birthday girl), age 4

“My son, Evan, is a BIG fan of yours after seeing you two years in a row at the Madrona Mayfair event! He pretends that he is Deano the Clown very frequently.”

“Hi, Deano! What a FABULOUS party you did today with Ben and Luke. All the kids really seemed to love you and I was so impressed how you gained the excitement of the children who were fearful upon first meeting you. You did a fantastic job! Thank you so much.”

“Thank you for such a fun show!! You do such a great job with the kids…. I smile everytime I think of how you made all of us laugh (kids and adults) non-stop for almost an hour!! You really are hysterical!!!! What an escape for people (the adults especially ) from all this overwhelming junk the world (especially the financial world!!)… is giving people right now!! To be able to just laugh our heads off, forget about the problems of the days we face… well, its just a gift for people to enjoy!! so A BIG HUGE THANK YOU FROM THE BOTTOM OF MY HEART, AND EVERYONE WHO LAUGHED SO HARD AT HOW ABSOLUTELY SILLY ONE MAN CAN BE!! LOVE YOU DEANO!! YOU DA BEST!!”

“Deano, Thanks so much for putting your calendar up on the web site! I have two disabled sons (twins 23 years old) that totally enjoyed your performance at the Ballard Salmon Fest last year and we have been hoping to see you again ever since. I have put several of your performances in my calendar.”

“What can I say but THANK YOU THANK YOU THANK YOU!!!! You were the hit of the party on Saturday. Words cannot even express my absolute gratitude for how much joy you brought to everyone at Matthew’s party. I had so many people come up during and after the party saying how much fun they had….my grandma (who is 88) said it was the BEST birthday party she’s ever been to since coming to America from Norway (that was 68 years ago!). And coming from her that is a compliment! It was so wonderful to see how thrilled the kids all were….and watching them laugh uncontrollably was absolutely priceless. I can’t stop looking at the pictures of their expressions and the sheer joy they had in the whole experience. Best of all, I asked Matthew what his favorite birthday present was that he received for his big day and he said….the clown.”

“Once again, THANK YOU FOR ALL THE KICKS AND GIGGLES you provided!! Non-stop laughter and abundance of happy kids and adults! You are the best! I love it that you love what you do! Quite a gift to entertain like that!! love ya!!! see you next year I hope!!!”

“Deano, you are amazing! You can repeat whenever the spirit moves you! We had a lot of new kids, and the returning laughed just as hard! Thanks again!”

“Deano, you are one of the great lovers of the world. You are an exemplary expression of universal love. It is clear that you honestly and deeply love everyone, no matter what the behavior, attitude or outward appearance. Your sincere care shows that you look deeper into people beyond their immediate actions and therefore you are able to bring out their true selves in a way that makes them feel comfortable. By creating this warm bond, people feel safe enough to play, resulting ultimately in unabashed happiness. We will always remember you for this. Thank you again for being a part of our lives.”

“We don’t know what we would have done without you! You took a boring group of adults and turned the room into raucus laughter and play without a drop of alcohol. You made the party!”

“When our daughter realized that it was time for you to leave, we saw her expression drop from joy to sadness. She wanted you to move in with us. We will definitely have you back.”

“You are the best. Thank you so much for coming to our Party. We all had great time. I’m glad you handed out the cards, because everyone was asking for your contact well before that 🙂 The kids of course loved the show, but I also enjoyed it so much. It brought out the kid in me 🙂 I’m sure we’ll see you again.”

“Thank you for helping us put on such a great party. The kids had a great time and the adults did as well. You’re a super entertainer. Annie thinks that you had to ride the unicycle all the way back to Seattle.”

“Hi, Deano. Thanks for your nice words; you were so eloquent. I couldn’t agree with you more about how well things went. Yes, that party was just the best ever. And the kids all said the same thing about Deano. They said, ‘It wouldn’t have been the same party without Deano. He was so fun!’ and they just loved the event. So hats off to you!”

“Hi Deano. Thank you so much for coming to Hans’ birthday so last-minute yesterday. You were a hit! My 3 year old (Finn) said his favorite part was “when he tried to sit on me!” which he thought was just hilarious that they all “out tricked” you. It was so much fun to watch the kids’ reactions. What a memorable birthday. Your continuous energy was amazing. I really appreciated the effort with the unicycle to, with the rain and steep gravel drive way. Well done!”

“Thank you for your fantabulous party on the weekend! Greatest kudos and admiration to you, especially in light of far more children coming, and actually two extra siblings that we didn’t even count on. We were all so impressed. You just kept them all underhand, entertained and engaged. Thank you again. We got some great shots; you were the best shots — the most photogenic; those colors can’t go wrong with your smily face. Referrals galore! Two of the mothers said you had already done parties for their little ones. You made our party so memorable.”

“Deano has a wonderful way with children and adults, drawing everyone in and getting them to laugh and enjoy! I highly recommend him.” October 28, 2011

I found the journals I kept for my three daughters when they were little. And, I was reading the journal for my now 29-year old daughter, Barbara (my middle daughter), I came across this entry on March 9, 1984:

“Took you to see Dino the Clown this morning and you were thrilled. You roared with raucous laughter everytime he fell or could’t do something. You shouted warnings to him and you watched, mezmorized, as he did his act. At one point, you jumped off my lap and went to another chair 15 feet away next to the stage, so you’d have a better view. At the end of the show, you ran up and gave him one of your hugs. I’ll be he’ll remember it.”

So, if you happen to remember a not-quite 2 year old Korean girl giving you a memorable hug in 1984….that was my daughter!

“Deano did a wonderful job with all the children at the company picnic. He kept them entertained and was kind and patient with all the demands. He took time to ensure each child had a chance to participate in what they were interested in and did a great show for them, keeping them interested and delighted. Very nice job!”

“Dear Deano, Thank you so much for the wonderful show last Leo’s birthday. It was a memorable show. It wasn’t just children who were captivated with your performance, but the adults too. In fact, my co-workers mentioned this at work and one of my coworkers who unfortunately wasn’t able to come, asked for your information and I forwarded your website to her email. There’s also a parent who said that she will hire you when it’s her daughter’s turn. Again, so much appreciation – maraming maraming salamat po!… (thank you very much!)”

“Hi Deano, Just wanted to say a big thank you for being so wonderful on Saturday night. The kids loved you and you were amazing.”

“THANK YOU so much for stopping by when you saw my son, Will, riding his unicycle! That made my day, and even though Will was a bit overwhelmed, he thought it was really cool, too! You’re the number one clown in my book! – Carol

“Thank you! Today was amazing!” – Stephanie 3/24/2013

“Deano, at our law firm event you got people smiling who don’t ever smile!”

“Deano rocks! This is my first time to see Deano, and I am so impressed! You are so professional!!! Thanks so much for your stellar performance at Madison’s birthday party. I am still shocked and disappointed at what brats those girls were…and don’t know how you have the patience you showed. Madison told me this morning she LOVED her party.”

“Deano kept my children laughing and giggling.  He was exactly what I expected based on our prior telephone conversation.   I requested an hour and he gave me my full time. One thing I really appreciated is that though he planned to read a story, he graciously bowed out when I requested he omit so the kids to eat and have their cake and ice cream.  An important footnote:  Deano does an excellent “funny man  show.”  It would be important for the host to have an area prepared for the show which includes space for the guests to sit and watch.  His skills are deserving of a respectful and captive audience.” – Mary

“It’s our pleasure to have you perform for the celebration, and the reason why I come back to you every year is because I can see that you truly love this job and love the kids.” -Liu, 1/15/2014

“Almost 20 years ago…. gasp… where did the time go?! Deano came to our house and entertained a group of 5-year-olds for my daughters birthday! They all LOVED Deano!”  – Kristi

“You were WONDERFUL with our daughter, Megan, and I was the ONLY parent who was smart enough to take a photo of  you and Megan…I had it blown up and people have LOVED it for 18 years!  We love it too….Thanks again for posing for it…and the big smile!  You are THE GREATEST…and Dennis spoke very highly of you.” – Glenn

“Deano — Mr. Talented — oh, you were terrific at my daughter’s parties!  Oh!  Forever grateful for taking care of all those kid parties!”  – Susan

“Thanks SO much for a great Birthday party for Clara!  We all loved it…especially her.  Her favorite part was your silly balloon tricks 🙂  I have a picture from her to mail to you.  Thanks again so much!”  – Paige
“Ok! I would like to say it was SO good to hire Deano for my kid’s He had all the kids’ attention since he entered the room. Kids were laughing hard and amazed at his magic tricks. Everything ran so smoothly, and he did exactly what promised.  He was patient with kids and very kind.  I definitely recommend him.  Looking to have him for next year too”.  – Israa
“After trying to insert myself into what I saw as a discipline issue with one of the kids at my daughter’s 8th birthday party in Issaquah, you uttered the immortal words, “It’s OK.  I’m here now.”  I shut up….  My family still reminds me of being put in my place by a clown.  You were the best; cool to see you still at it!”  – Gene
“Thank you for so much fun and laughter.  You are awesome!”
“Deano, you do such a good job with the kids. Thank you for making us laugh today.  You are one in a million!”
“I have never seen such a well-rounded performance.”  8/15/2015
“Deano, it is so good to see you after all these years.  I just have to tell you how much fun I had at a party you performed at many years ago.  To this day I remember it as the most fun I’d had in a long time.  Thanks for the laughs, the games, and being a kid again.”  – Gail M.
“What a gift of joy a clown is! A clown is like a walking bouquet of flowers. Brings a smile to the face and a cheery disposition to the heart. Just to see Deano made me giggle today.” – Heather K.