The Funny Man is an alternative to Deano the Clown.  Deano is full make-up, with a wig, gloves, and lots of pockets full of things: no skin shows at all.  The Funny Man has a real face and hands (no make-up), but wears a rubber nose, a hat, and colorful clothes with mis-matched shoes.  While the act can be identical to that with Deano, because the Funny Man’s costume is different, there are some slight variations to the show. The games, stories, balloons, unicycle, parachute, and goofy behavior all comes from the same person.  Even with no make-up, the Funny Man is definitely a clown and not at all a normal person.

There are a number of reasons for choosing the Funny Man over Deano the Clown.  Of course, the price is a bit lower because time is saved by not putting on make-up. The Funny Man generally performs on weekdays in the middle of other activities and often there is not time or space to put on make-up because the Funny Man’s other profession is tuning, repairing and moving pianos, which generally makes it impractical to put on make-up between piano appointments.

Schools and day-care centers often hire the Funny Man mid-week. Occasionally two-year-olds are afraid of masks, so the Funny Man can be appropriate for that age.  Surprisingly, sometimes even just the nose can cause consternation in the beginning, but once the children see how incompetent The Funny Man is and once they hear the other children laughing, they forget their hesitancy and soon join right in with the others.  They quickly learn that they are smarter and stronger than the Funny Man, and they can even run faster.  Eventually they like him so much that they do not want him to leave.



BASIC PRICE: $150 for 1st hour, $75/hour thereafter.

$125 for 30-40 minutes

$150 for one hour (45-60 minutes) — most popular

$200 for one-hour stage show

$200 for two-hour birthday party ($25 discount)

$300 for three hours

Standard show times:


Schedule an appearance:
(206) 324-5055