Balloon Twister
Symmetrical balloon sculptures for all ages

Story Teller
On stage, in a room, or outdoors: stories can captivate our imaginations for hours

Games Leader
Learn new games that can be played again for years

Campfire Leader
Laugh and play with stories, songs, skits, audience games, and interesting words of wisdom

Song Leader
Sing songs everyone knows, or sing along with printed words.  Music and singing always connects people.

Whether you want background music or you want to square dance, fiddle music is always welcome.

Roller Skating, Roller Blading, Ice Skating
Add an extra element of interest by having Dean or Deano participate in your skating party.

Snow Ski Activities
No matter what your ability level is on the snow, play games and have some snow adventures as a group.

Comedy Swimming
Play water games, watch silly moves on the diving board, and try synchronized swimming.

Face Painter
Brighten up the way everyone looks with face painting, even though they can’t see themselves!