Deano is quick, skilled, and entertaining.
His shapes are symmetrical, and some of his creations are quite unique. 

In the early 1970’s, Dave Hamilton, dba “Dave the Balloon Man,” was the first person in the Seattle area doing any balloons at all.  He performed a one-man hour-long show with nothing but balloons.  He blew them with his mouth and could make what even today would be considered amazing sculptures.  He could race his left hand making a dog against his right hand making a rabbit to see which hand would win.  He would dress people in balloon clothes, build extravagant hats, would make multi-balloon sculptures of a person riding a bicycle, animals, airplanes, and much more.  Dave was Deano’s original mentor and trainer.

Since then balloons have become not only commonplace, but expected.  No longer are they a novelty; now some people assume that balloons is the only thing clowns do.  There are national and local balloon conventions, monthly balloon magazines, balloon contests, entire businesses have been formed that do nothing but decorate rooms with balloons for big events, and of course, in every city there are thousands of people who know how to twist balloons.  To learn balloon twisting in the old days it would be necessary to find someone to show you how; then people started writing books with step-by-step photographs; nowadays anyone can learn how to make any balloon shape on YouTube.

Some people make their living by standing in one spot on street corners, in markets, at festivals and fairs, twisting shapes for passers-by.  Clowns often spend most of their time at parties making balloons for all the guests.  It looks as if the clowns are impressively popular, but if you look more closely you will see that all the people surrounding the clown or waiting in line are doing nothing more than waiting for their singular turn to get a balloon custom-made for themselves — either for free or even for money.  Then when they get their balloon, they play with it for a while and hold it carefully so that it won’t pop because it took so long to get it.  It truly is an art to sculpt simple balloons into amazing shapes.  Sometimes these pieces of art will last for up to a month or more, but they remain in our minds for years.