Classes, workshops
Deano offers a series of classes at various skill levels for both large and small groups.  He also visits school classrooms for single class period sessions, and has a simplified class that he teaches at elementary schools and sometimes even day care centers.  He can come as Deano the Clown, as the Funny Man, or as Dean.

Basic Clown Class Agenda
Performance: Balloons, juggling, puppets, magic, broom, chair, unicycle.
Defining “clown” Appearance or behavior? Attitude. Ability. Wit & style. Breaking rules & taboos. Energy level. Focus. End result with the audience. Archetypal figure.
Games: “What is it?” “Yes, and….” “Statue, Artist, Clay” “Trio Tag” “Knots” “Last Detail” Improvs: Tag-Ins, The Chair, Human Puppets
Skills: Juggling, unicycle, stilts, trapeze, balloons, face painting, story telling, puppets, ventriloquism, dance, music, acrobatics, balancing, magic, mime.
Character: Happy/sad? Talking/mime? Smart/confused? Agile/clumsy? Fast/slow?
Costume & face: Clothes. Make-up/mask. Nose & hat. Hands & feet. Unusual features.
Style: Expressions & gestures Idiosyncracies Entrances & exits Pacing
Skits: • Disagreement ending in a chase • Difficulty completing a task • Repetition with surprise ending • Condensed story with a twist • Slice of life close-up • Parody of the familiar • Clarifying the confusing • Tricking someone

Private lessons
For skilled performers, Deano offers private, personalized training and coaching customized to individual needs.