In Seattle in the 1950’s there was an annual event on Green Lake called the Seattle Aqua Follies.  Women would perform synchronized swimming to music and clowns would do antics off the high boards.  The stage and seating area no longer exists today, and what is left is no longer used.  Those fun and inspiring shows are lost to by-gone days.  However, there is one clown who hopes to keep at least portions of the spirit alive!  Deano the Clown had a special swim suit made to fit a clown, complete with a bathing cap over his orange hair.  During high school he was the diver on the swim team.  Combine his diving skill with his skill of collecting water games plus his slapstick behavior and you have a fun time for all in the water!

Deano has activities for all ages and ability levels at any swimming party.  It depends on the day and his schedule if he is able to get in the water with everyone else or stand on the side and direct the activities.  Often swimming parties will take time out for presents and cake, and while everyone is out of the water Deano will do a show, tell stories, make balloons, and ride his unicycle.  The schedule is flexible and adaptable to the space, the temperature, the mood, the energy level, the ability levels, and the timing.  Look forward to playing water games, hearing water stories, watching a show, getting fish balloons, and possibly even riding Deano’s unicycle.