In 1975 there was a festival for several thousand people at Arcosanti in Arizona.  One afternoon a group of games leaders from the San Francisco New Games Foundation, which no longer exists, led several hours worth of games with the entire group.  Deano was actually in costume at this event, and was so captivated by the range of fun activities being conducted that he subsequently joined the New Games Foundation, visited the main headquarters, attended several week-long games training sessions around the country, and became qualified to be a games leader.

His expanded repertoire inspired him to research games in the library, to collect books on cooperative play, and to invent his own games.  He divided his list of hundreds of games into categories, selected his favorite from each category and grouped them into clusters of games that work together, so that he can do the first set at one party, the second at another, etc. With this system even if people have seen Deano two or three times before, he can always play different, fresh and interesting games each time.

Deano knows so many games in his head now that he can simply look at a group of people and know which games will work for that particular age, energy level, size of group, amount of play area available, weather, mood, and timing.  Give Deano any group of people and he can create a choreographed sequence of appropriate new games.