Deano as a public speaker comes as a person, not a clown.  He has years of experience speaking at various engagements.  He has been the keynote speaker at graduations, the guest speaker at corporate events, he has spoken at conventions, retreats and reunions, he has lectured in schools, and he was the honorary speaker at a state-wide teachers conference.  His classes have been offered at schools, churches, senior centers, in libraries and parks, and at his home.  He has taught many classes through the University of Washington Experimental College.  His talks, lectures, presentations, classes and workshops are informative, entertaining, and inspiring.

Below is a list of topics that he teaches or has taught in the past:

Self Improvement
Get Organized
Make Instant Money
The Art of Networking
Improve Your Memory:  Basic Class
Improve Your Memory:  Advanced
How To Improve Your Conversation
The Joys and Woes of Being Self Employed
How To Decide What You Really Want To Do In Life and Get Paid To Do It

New Games
Why We Laugh
Newspaper Hats
Parachute Games
How a Piano Works
Basic Clowning Skills
Origami with Dollar Bills
Handkerchief Creatures
Advanced Clown Training
Design Your Dream House
Magic With Everyday Objects
Regulating Rowdy Rugrats
Advanced Magic Training
Downhill Snow Skiing
Archery Tips

Piano Tuning
Piano Repair
Piano Moving
Piano Dismantling

Grey Water
Composting Toilets
Find Anything for Free
Paolo Soleri’s Arcologies
Solar Hot Water Heater Installation
Water Catchment, Purification, Uses, Treatment and Disposal