Stilt Walker is 10′ tall with 6′-long arms, and is definitely an attention-getter, particularly for grand openings, open houses, carnivals, and other big events.  The stilt walker can be with or without make-up, depending on the day and the price.  Deano has several costumes and faces for walking stilts.  Because his stilts are articulated, he can stand still in one spot while surrounded with people.  His arms can be long or short.  Often children like to run through his legs without being caught by his long arms; somehow they always make it through safely.  Have you ever danced with someone so tall before?  By the way, if you are looking for someone tall and handsome….

Stilt walking is very popular for parades, grand openings, large gatherings, publicity events, greeting visitors at stadiums, and walking around fairs and carnivals.

Deano goofing w kids 2005darkstilt  Deano the Clown