New games: over 600 cooperative games —┬áDeano’s specialty

Stories: long-time member of the Seattle Story Tellers Guild

Balloons: over 200 shapes

Juggling: balls, rings, clubs

Magic: stage, close-up, lessons (performing on stage since 1959)

Unicycles: 20″, 24″, 36″, 6′ “giraffe”

Stilts: head height 10′

Face painting: water-base

Dance: performed in and choreographed several productions; good at getting people up and dancing

Songs: repertoire of over 600 folksongs

Fiddle: since 1958; on head, behind back, etc.

Skits: pre-arranged and spontaneous

Improvs: years of training; theater sport games

Mime: set pieces, audience mimickry, no voice — ever

Puppets: member of Puget Sound Puppeteers

Ventriloquism & tongue-twisters

Roller skating, roller blading, ice skating (has own)

Comedy swimming: reminiscent of Seattle Aqua Follies, diver on high school swim team

Acrobatic snow skiing: USPA ski instructor

Sky diving: “D” license

Conversant in Swedish, French, German, Russian, English

Experienced with deaf, blind, wheel-chair, handicapped, and special ed

Skilled at winning over “problem” children and wild crowds.

Able to adapt to wide range of audiences (from toddlers to seniors, from wild to conservative)

Teaches classes, workshops, trainings

Public speaker

Slapstick and nonsense



Inflatables and Tumblers: cage ball, earth ball, air logs, tumblers, barrels

Omniken balls and Float-R’s: light-weight inflatables that float in the air

Burlap bags: over 20 different sack races where nobody wins

Flippy fliers, discs, nerf darts, balls, misc. throwing toys

Parachutes: from 5′ to 100′ diameter; over 100 games

Kites and Spinners: adds color and fun to any event

Unicycles: 16″, 20″, 24″, 36″ wheels, 6′ giraffe

Combats: fighting toys that don’t hurt much

Juggling: beanbags, balls, rings, pins/clubs

Tug ropes: up to 3″ diameter: won’t break

Human rubber bands

Horseshoe pitching

Hippity-hop balls

Tipis for toddlers

Jump ropes