Dean is a master story teller, able to captivate audiences for long periods of time.
He has a large repertoire of folk tales, fairy tales, myths and legends, and augments his stories with voices and sounds that draw the listener into another world.

Story telling is fascinating and captivating for all ages.  We all tell stories to each other every day.  In fact, that’s what life is all about: creating stories.  It is our choice whether we create good or bad stories, funny or sad stories, scary or angering stories, or simply interesting observations.  The end result is that our entire lives turn into nothing more than a collection of stories.  Some stories are soon forgotten, but the big stories are worth telling and retelling, repeating and sharing, and the astounding stories are memorably passed on through the generations.  Any misfortune or incident can be viewed positively or negatively, with pain or with humor; we can glean valuable lessons and incites from even the biggest of mistakes.  It is up to us how we choose to view our lives and which stories we think are worth saving, sharing, and cherishing.

Dean has been a member of the Seattle Story Tellers Guild for decades.  He has a broad base of stories in his head, collected from folk tales, fairy tales, myths, legends, and his own life.   In high school he read all the stories in Greek and Roman mythology; in college he excelled in public speaking and theater.   As his son was growing Dean made up his own stories.  His library contains books and collections of short stories from Italy, Scandinavia, Russia, Germany, Greece, Africa, France, America, and more.  Any chance he gets he goes to listen to other story tellers.

From this rich background, Dean has developed the skill of telling stories in the style of their origin, and enjoys adding sound effects and audience participation as much as possible.  Children and adults alike get absorbed into another realm and altogether become a part of the world of the story.